Golpe failure – why Erdogan is still in charge


Just a fast one, a thought about the failure of last night’s golpe in Turkey; you already know the story, don’t you? A number of mid-ranking officers of the Turkish Army tried to seize power in the country, with all the classic cliches well displayed.

Road blocks, tanks roaming the streets, parliament house and national television put under control and the old message “we are saving the country from a certain doom, democracy will be repristinated ASAP“. In the shadows, looking around to understand the direction of the political wind, all the big players of the country – waiting for the better time to show up.

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The Art of War


When it comes to politics or warfare the name of chinese general Sun-Tzu always rise up, a sort of global cultural reference for developing a winning  strategy. As it happen Sun-Tzu’s masterpiece, “The Art of War”, is a worldwide success, translated in more and more languages every year.

A pity that so few really read the book and fewer more understand it.

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