The Czar, the Sultan and the Uncle Sam

As predicted, things are getting hairy all over again in Syria, a place where too many conflicts are going on. The casus belli this time is the little town of Manbij, in the northern part of the country. Actually is controlled by Kurds, with logistic support from the US. Russians and Americans found themselves together against the will of the Turkish government to seize the town, a move that greatly enraged the leadership of this regional power. Check here the story, from Stars and Stripes.

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The rise of a Sultan


Look at this man. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, current president of Turkey. From my point of view, we can start calling him Recep the first, Sultan of Turkey.

Of course, Mr. Erdogan did not claim such a title, nor we currently have any political party in Turkey that are proposing such a change in the institutions of their country. Not yet.

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