These are my five basic answers to the most common five questions.


My name is Angelo Benuzzi, that’s not a surprise given the URL of this blog. I’m Italian, born in Modena in 1968. Main interests are geopolitics, history, economics, narrative, and writing.


I’m a computer analyst and programmer, active in the market since 1988. If you’re looking for a mainframe guy, call my name!


I’m on the Internet since 1995, maybe somebody ’round here reminds Mosaic, the BBS systems, and electro-mechanical modems. I do.


I live in Livorno, Italy. Sometimes the town’s name is anglicized in “Leghorn”.


I keep a blog to share my thoughts, just like the most part of bloggers everywhere. The basic idea is still to find other people to discuss what’s going on in this world.

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