In memoriam of Chris Kyle

Sometimes life became a full circle, fate sets up circumstances in a way that lets me asthonished.

Chris Kyle was an icon. Former Navy SEAL, sniper extraordinarie, decorated nine times and commendated once more. A modern american hero, a man who set himself up as a champion of veterans. This month he has been killed with a friend, Chad Littlefield, by another veteran he was trying to help.

I don’t know the reason that set up Eddie Ray Routh, former USMC, to kill Kyle and Littlefield in a poligon. Erath County Sheriff department will discover the truth. What hits me like an hammer are the circumstances. After rough years of conflict, once back home safe, two veterans find themselves in the fog of war. In Texas, not in Afghanistan.

R.I.P. Chris Kyle. R.I.P. Chad Littlefield

Link to ABC News here.

4 thoughts on “In memoriam of Chris Kyle

  1. To be honest this doesn’t surprise me much.
    Those are professional killers, and they had experienced the stresses of war, which are known to bring serious psychological issues.
    And after all of this, when they finally come home, they still use weapons all day long. I don’t know the whys of this murder, but the hows are all clear and adamant. It’s like set up a fire next to a powder depot, you know that something is going to happen, eventually.

    • Post traumatic stress disorder. It looks like that’s the name of all problems for the most part of veterans nowadays. Those who are so lucky to have all limbs operational and no relevant physical damage. A lot of this guys are left alone, stranded in a country that seems unable to do what’s right to help them.

      • I’m always the usual pessimist, but considering that war is no more the extreme instrument of foreign relations but a full fledged industry by itself (and a very profitable one!) are we sure that there is a true will to solve these “collateral nuisances”?

        • Honestly I don’t know if there’s a real effort to assist all those veterans, US do not have a positive tradition in that matter. For what I can see, injured personnel and/or mentally deranged vets are quite low in the consideration of Department of Defense. Almost no money for them, let alone the human consideration for what they have done serving their country to the extreme consequences.
          In Italy it’s almost the same. Our soldiers got cancer from depleted uranium, got themselves crippled overseas and all that they can have is a low income from the State.

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