Brexit – the day after


All right, here we are. The UK held the exit-or-leave referendum and democracy worked again. Like it or not, UK leaves the EU and we’re in a new day, waiting for the future to happen.

What will happen now? Prime Minister David Cameron will accomplish to the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (see HERE) giving communication of the results of the referendum to the European Council. From that day, a two-year term starts and at the end of that term, if nothing else happens, every EU treaty subscription from the UK will be declared void. If the UK government starts to negotiate with the EU Commission about the said treaties, this period will be extended for the time needed. Cameron could ask to differ the start of said two-years period to October 2016 – in order to hand over the PM duties to a new leader.

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A taste of IoT – Internet of Things

Data cloud graph showing the closing percentag...

Data cloud graph showing the closing percentage increase or decrease of the New York Stock Exchange. Only the top 500 stocks by volume traded are displayed. Data is from Oct 2001, source: NYSE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine tomorrow. In the morning, you go out from your flat. The smart door senses your exit, check out if anybody else is in the house, then lock itself sending data both to your smartphone and to the company that ensure safety in the building. You reach your smart car, that unlock itself when you’re in the two yards distance from the door.

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Elon Musk and the myth of the Matrix

Elon Musk Original caption: Elon, a co-founder...

Elon Musk Original caption: Elon, a co-founder of PayPal, and now a founder/Chairman of Tesla, enjoys showing off his new car (the first production model) to Jason Calacanis, founder/CEO of Mahalo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, Mr. Elon Musk shared the idea that we are all uploads in a virtual world. It’s not a new concept, of course. From the movie “Matrix” (1999) the idea has become part of a common understanding in the sci-fi panorama. The existence of a simulated reality, or a simulated existence, has been postulated by philosophers (i.e. Nick Bostrom) or futurists (e.g. Hans Moravec).

Musk is something different. His name is associated with bright ideas and successful business (Tesla electric cars, SpaceX program), he’s one of a kind – a modern version of Thomas Edison. In a world heavily influenced by the media, his statements are something to be considered.

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The rise and fall of the fandom

Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a sci-fi fan for more than thirty years has been a great ride so far, but I can’t help to notice that fandom is changing again and I’m not sure that I like the new situation.

This is not about the sad/bad puppy campaign for the Hugos or related rants, nor it’s about a specific set of people. It’s about the changes that are in motion, my personal feelings and a handful of ideas about what’s going on.

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The new Captain America – Hail what?


I have to say that I was amazed by the last marketing move from Marvel. With a single comic, the new “Steve Rogers Captain America” by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, they got the attention of the whole internet. Try to imagine this. One story, a “new” idea, the equivalent of a multi-million dollar campaign in a matter of a few days. Wow.

I write “new” because it’s not the first time that Captain America gets on the wrong side of the fence. He’s been brainwashed or mind-controlled more than a few times, sometimes with dire results. So why all the rage right now? Could he really be bad to the bone? I mean, we’re talking about an iconic character, that’s right, but it’s the same character that has been killed at least twice.

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