Engines for a new space race


Every now and then I like to write about the new perspectives of space travel and/or space colonization projects. It’s the new frontier since the ’60s and it will become the greatest challenge of human history in a few years from now.

So, here and here you may find what I’ve written before about this matters. Today is about engines, three very different concepts about what we could use to put people and hardware in the direction of Mars and beyond. Everything is still in the concept phase and one of the concepts is quite strange (on the edge of known physics), but what we need now is food for thought.

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Drone wars – not so far away

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the last ten years or so, we got more and more news in the feed about the use of drones in all the major conflict zones. Acronyms like UAV or UCAV became part of our lingo and countless videos on YouTube or Vimeo showed us in full degree what happened in Afghanistan or in Iraq (or in other places) when a Hellfire missile hit its intended target on the ground.

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Looking for a new planet

English: Kepler space telescope orbit

English: Kepler space telescope orbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently the world discovered yesterday about the existence of the Kepler project and the social media today are full of news about one of the exoplanets discovered by the scientist that are manning this project… since 2009.

The golden arguments are the similarities between our solar system and Kepler-452’s own. Same kind of star, a planet in the “goldilocks zone“, other planets in the system that are probably the like of Jupiter and Saturn. The message is clear, “another Earth!”, and let there be a million of artist renditions of this newfound planet.

Well, take five. Or ten.

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Money and Lies

You have heard of the confrontation running between Greece and EU about economic matters and maybe you’re waiting for the results of today’s referendum to know if a tiny country will refuse or not to find another economic agreement with the so-called “troika” (that’s ECB, EU and IMF).

The best thing of all this noise is about the time dedicated by media on this kind of problems. Maybe, just maybe, more and more people will start to understand to monumental mass of lies that goes around modern-day economics, starting with the money itself.

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Get ready for Dark Legacy

Time for a self-promotional post, just to remember to everybody out there that there’s a new e-book incoming, hard and fast like any science fiction story should be.

The third installment of my ongoing series, Ghosts Of War, will hit the digital market July 15th, with the focus of the story about a young spaceminer in the Asteroid Belt and his dangerous journey to go back home.

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