Story of Your Life – Arrival

Illustration for "Story of your Life"...

Illustration for “Story of your Life”, by Hidenori Watanave for Hayakawa’s S-F Magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was back in 2010, maybe late October. I picked up a short story by Ted Chiang, “Story of Your Life“, one of the best I’ve read in my life. At the end, I was wondering about the choice to see a story like that in a movie. I do remember my words about that. “Nope”.

A few years ago, looking for movie trailers, I found the first trailer of “Arrival”. And my jaw dropped to the ground. Do they really do that?

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Open letter to Mr.Stiglitz


Dear Sir,
I’m an Italian citizen with some understanding about what’s going on in my country. This post is an open letter to you and to the people at Business Insider. I have just read this article (LINK), where my country is poised as the next big threat to Eurozone and to the sheer existence of the Euro currency.

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The Moonbase that never was


I’m enjoying a family rerun of the first season of Space:1999, a show that never fails to amaze me. While my nine-year-old son is accepting this show at face value (this is part of his formation as a sci-fi fan, he’s already a whovian – this is also parenting done right), me and my wife remember our impressions from the bottom part of the seventies (in Italy the show was aired in 1977 or in 1978, I believe).

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What to do with Foreign Fighters?


One of the worst security issues for Western countries today is about the presence of a number of “foreign fighters” on their own soil. But what is a foreign fighter?

By definition, they are people from another country who gets involved in an armed conflict without the authorization of their own nation. They are not to be confused with contractors because their basic motivation will be about something different from money.

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The rise of a Sultan


Look at this man. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, current president of Turkey. From my point of view, we can start calling him Recep the first, Sultan of Turkey.

Of course, Mr. Erdogan did not claim such a title, nor we currently have any political party in Turkey that are proposing such a change in the institutions of their country. Not yet.

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Garbage time – Why we should wait before speaking about anything


We are surrounded by media, we drown in the media and we trust the media to tell us the truth about what’s going on in the world. A pity that the media are designed and maintained for an audience who pay very little attention to the facts and knows squat about the world.

The idea for this post is about how to approach what’s going on with a little more caution and a pinch of salt. First thing, let’s set up an example. A fictional fact, with a fictional timeline, associated. In a town named Alpha, a man enters in a restaurant and shot dead two men with a gun. It happens at 08:00 PM

[start of garbage time, more about it later]

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