Blog anniversary #9 – the empty box

The WordPress bot informs that today is my ninth anniversary on its platform.

The main reason is to prompt some kind of post, so be it. Is this space worth to be continued? The answer is still yes, mainly because it’s useful for me.

Anyway, does the whole concept of blogging still matters? C’mon, there is a ton of social media platforms; recording and sharing videos is almost mandatory, and everybody knows that being social nowadays is about to show off.

You see, I’m an old man. Even older than my 52 years on this mudball. Old does not mean wise, but I’m still allowed to think by myself. Even an empty box may be useful. The same for this space.

Keep going folks, nothing to be seen here today.

My 3X3 Workout Routine

I’m struggling to find a way to conciliate my need for a homemade work-out routine and all the other family-related activities; I’m a regular commuter, so the timeframe for my training is after 8 PM when I finally get back home. Setting up a regular activity is also a must, so I’ve found a compromise between all these factors. As they say, it’s not perfect but it works.

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One year challenge – 2019

11 Feb 1938, Haringay, Outer London, London, England, UK — A scene of a television production of, or Rossum’s Universal Robots, by Czech playwright Karel Capek, which introduced the term “Robot” into many of the world’s languages. (l to r) Connaught Stanleigh, Derek Bond, Larry Silverstone and front, Evan John — Image by © BBC/Corbis

This is a different post, scheduled to go live on December 31th, 2019. It’s different because it has been written thru a whole year, starting December 30th, 2018.

The basic idea is to keep track of my physical workout, to understand better what happened, and to help me to stay focused. I will turn 52 next February, so it’s time to build better foundations for my old age.

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What Patreon means for all of us

Yesterday was the #thankyoupatrons day, and it’s easy to understand the reference; from the Patreon organization, I got an email, with this text:

The creators you love will say it better, but we want to say a little something too. You, you beautiful patrons, are changing the world. There are 4 million of you, and collectively, you’ve paid creators over $1 billion dollars. That’s incredible. Together, you’re changing the way art is valued and created. On behalf of creators and artists everywhere, thank you for being a patron.

Setting aside all the reasons because I became a patron, these few words are one of the best news I got in the last few days. People are helping people to create a significant number of creators that relate directly to their fans. It’s just wonderful.

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A World in Black and White

For the users of social media platform (we’re talking billions!), it looks like that we collectively took a huge step back. Almost everything is divisive, and every possible argument is oversimplified until it reaches the yes-or-nay stage. It’s like to take a look at a Mondrian picture, with spaces well delimited and vivid colors to mark every part of the said picture. No, it’s even better: there are only black or white parts, no shades of grey allowed.

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The Milkshake Theory

Nowadays the politic dissent literally flies. Until it splashes in a cloud of flavored milk, for the amusement of the bystanders and for the generation of a wave of memes in the social media arena. Throw a milkshake against a politician, and you will get yourself in the news, not a little result for a minimal investment in a nearby cafeteria. Even if the splashed politician will sue you, it’s likely that you’ll get a free pass from the judge (or a little fine).

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