Get ready for Dark Legacy

Time for a self-promotional post, just to remember to everybody out there that there’s a new e-book incoming, hard and fast like any science fiction story should be.

The third installment of my ongoing series, Ghosts Of War, will hit the digital market July 15th, with the focus of the story about a young spaceminer in the Asteroid Belt and his dangerous journey to go back home.

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We Fight Back – The dual nature of the Darkness

This will be a long post. I hope it will be interesting too, because this arguments are the basis for some of my next projects. So, let’s start with the basics; there’s an ongoing conflict between the creatures of our plan (the reality we know) and a number of different creatures that comes from somewhere else (let’s say, other realities or different plans of this reality).

Basically it’s a matter of resources, like any other war we know from our history. The difference is in the nature of such resources, this time is about our bodies and/or our planet. For the sake of a simple way of writing this post down, let’s say that we can attribute the word “Darkness” to the whole of our enemies (this will not mean that humankind is on the right side or that we are in some way enlightened, it’s just a label).

Lightning over Pentagon City in Arlington, Vir...

Lightning over Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fact #1 – they know how to come here.

A common tract of folklore and narrative is about the knowledge of ways to come in our reality from the other places (dimensions, planets, parallel realities and such) for the creatures of Darkness. This may require active collaboration from our side and/or specific rituals or artifacts, but the concept is clear: they know how to come here and how to go back home. Keep this notion bookmarked, we will use it later.

Fact #2 – they know what they want from us.

All right, this one is easy. The whole reason for the creatures to come here is about us and maybe about our planet. That means that they know for sure that they can live here, feed on us and survive. That speaks volumes about biology, chemistry and physics. Some of them will mate with us and create some form of spawn on our planet, in such cases they should be genetically compatible. So we have common factors between us and them. Bookmark this too.


-> Fact #2.1 – there must be a physical contact.

To feed or to reproduce, they have to be physically here, right? They have to touch us. Or bite, or slash or whatever else. But if they can touch us, we can do the same. No matter how they could be stronger, smarter, faster than any of us.  If they can grab one of us, they can be grabbed as well. We have a chance to fight back with all our might when they are on our plan. This is not new, of course. There are countless stories about monster hunters, some even about god hunters. Once again, keep this information aside for a moment.

Fact #3 – they have a dual nature.

If we can assume that the reality that originates the Darkness is different from our own and if we assume that they can feed and survive on both places then we can state that their physical nature should be dual. Maybe to the point of different forms to use on different planes. The logical consequence is that they can shift from one nature to the other with ease or a minimum effort. Otherwise, if they do not change, we can assume that we can go to their plan in the same way they come here.

So, let’s pick up the monster hunter basic scheme and see if we can spice it up a little.

A bit of salt – about weapons.

What if we need “dual” weapons to get down our visitors from the Darkness? I mean, physically dual. Twin spiked spear blades, for instance. Double swords. Something like that.


That was about the past, of course. Modern times gave us better weapons, a number of them twin barreled. This could be a good example.

beretta 687

A bit of pepper – about different weapons.

Now we can recover a bit of information from Fact #2; the similarities based on science (chemistry, biology, physics and genetics) lead to some consideration about unconventional weapons. Could Mustard gas affect a creature from Darkness? What about radiations or poisons?

A bit of chilli – about the level of confrontation.

What about to raise the level of this conflict? Some of them come here, right? So, we can go there and show how much we don’t appreciate their attention. With all the hardware needed for the task. Let’s become a part of their dark folklore for a millennium or two.

A bit of garlic – about the shift of perspective.

What if we gave them a hard lesson or two in the past? That will be about revenge, a plot against the humans that nearly wipe out their kind and/or colonize their dimension. They could have learnt a lot from us, applying all this knowledge against us for a massive payback.

These are just a few “facts” and hypothesis about the aforementioned “Monster Hunter” basic plot. What about yours?

Be Self or Be Pro – a false choice


William Caxton showing specimen of his printings to the King

Everything changes but the human mind. This could be a good title for this post and also a way to start thinking a bit about a false debate that’s running under the lines in the social media scene. Since the very start of the self-publishing modern era I’ve read thousands of post and status about how silly was the choice for an author to put himself/herself out in the market alone, away from the organization of the publishing houses. That was the very voice of fear, in my opinion. Fear about a market that was changing, for the first time since the 1800’s.

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Lost Heroes – it’s finally out!


What day is today? It’s the right day to unleash a new story on the market, to show you the second issue of my ongoing “Ghosts Of War” series.

New issue and the same team. Elena Betti created another wonderful cover, Davide Mana provides insight and editing, it’s up to me to tell you another story.

This one is takes place in the space between Venus orbit plane and Mercury’s own. Here you will two young Indian spacemen, ready to get the choice of their lives while recovering a wartime wreck. But there’s more, of course. Two different warships, engaged in a cat-and-mouse chase. And…

We have ghosts, ready to do whatever it takes to get a grip on the living. And…

We have secrets. Of the worst kind. And…

We have war veterans. People who are not afraid to put everything at stake to accomplish their mission.

Well, it’s time to go shopping and here’s the LINK!

How to travel inside our Solar system

Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the previous post we focus our attention about the needs for low-gravity and short-distance transports, recovering the “Eagle” concept from the beloved TV serial “Space:1999“. Basically that was a kind of spaceship that we can build even today, using ion engines or chemical engines for propulsion. The limit for such a ship and for everything else we put out in space until now, is that it’s slow. Six months or more to reach Mars, much more to reach the other planets (or bodies) in our Solar system.

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Low gravity enviroments and transports


If you are a long time SF reader and/or a writer in the same genre, you may have dedicated some thought about how we will work and live outside our planet. In the next few years we’re expecting new manned missions to the Moon and to Mars and it’s a given that we have to leave our cradle someday, to expand in our solar system and beyond.

One of the main problems is about transports, of course. Going to the Moon from our planet is quite costly and energy-consuming, that given the need of overcome the gravity and the resistance of our atmosphere. But what about the Moon or Mars (or any other moon or planet accessible in our system)? If we get to drill mines anywhere or to manufacture any kind of goods out planet, how do we get the stuff home?

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Slow zombies and reality check

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All right, I have to admit a simple truth. I’m a fan of the zombies. They are simple, direct to the point and incorruptible in their ways. This is not what you can tell about any other horror characters. More to the point, I’m a fan of the slow zombies, Romero-style. As you know, this sub-genre of narrative has been flooded in the last 25 years and a lot of the books on the subject are quite under the minimum quality level.

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