A deadline nearly missed and a first draft that lies waiting

screaming robot

No, this is not the title of a new novel, nor it’s from the top ten books at NYT. It’s just how things look like today, here at my place, when it comes to the “Ghosts Of War” project. What I got now it’s a 11,000 plus words story, titled “Lost Heroes”, that will be the second issue of my ongoing series this April.

It’s almost funny to look at it now, thinking about what that this tale should be if things run smoothly in the last two months. As a matter of fact, January and February were quit heavy on the professional side (and no, I won’t think about March now, this month will be a 31-days nightmare) and other things showed up with fangs and sharp teeth, slashing thru my schedule and pushing hours well after midnight.

Anyway, it’s done. Almost done. I still have to check it out and review it deeply before passing it to my overbusy editor (hi Davide!) but I have to say it loud: it’s good. Even in its unfinished state it’s the best thing I wrote in English so far. Spaceships, ghosts, heroes and a choice for a full-scale battle, not bad for a story and it’s still solid – quite in the hard SF area if you don’t think about the ghosts (and it’s better not to think about them, believe me).

I still have to kickstart the cover generating process (hello Elena!) and to gather some last-minute thoughts about the internal division in chapters, then I will be ready to start the third installment in the series – that will be a substantial rework of an old project and a window on the efforts of humankind in the Asteroid Belt in the foreseeable future. All right, time to go now. There’s a lot to be done and things that go bump in the night, even in deep space!

2 thoughts on “A deadline nearly missed and a first draft that lies waiting

  1. Now this is great news.
    As luck would have it, I should be rid of my first draft in a few days, so… looks like we’re making it no matter what!
    But enough chattering – back to writing now! 😀

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