Syria no more

The flag of Syrian Arab Republic / Damascus, Syria

The flag of Syrian Arab Republic / Damascus, Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The UNO goes on, issuing every now and then documents about the situation in Syria.
Recently I’ve received this one, titled “70/234. Situation of human rights in the Syrian Arab
Republic” (HERE); of course the said document is very bureaucratic, full of references with past
resolutions and contains little data.

In the second page, you can read this:
Expressing outrage at the continuing escalation of violence in the Syrian Arab Republic, which has caused more than 250,000 fatalities, including the killing of many more than 10,000 children, and in particular at the continued widespread and systematic gross violations, as well as abuses, of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law, including those involving the continued
indiscriminate use of heavy weapons and aerial bombardments, such as the indiscriminate use of ballistic missiles, cluster munitions, barrel and vacuum bombs and chlorine gas, and the starvation of civilians as a method of combat, which are prohibited under international humanitarian law, by the Syrian authorities against the Syrian population

In short, a quarter million dead and use of weapons of mass destruction. Against the Syrian people from the Syrian authorities (and the Russians, too).

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The last flight of SE-BDY


53 years ago a plane like this one, A Douglas DC-6 marked SE-BDY, crashed near Ndola (then in Northern Rhodesia, today is in Zambia) leaving just a survivor. It was the last journey of Dag Hammarskjöld and many others, a tombstone over every choice for a peaceful solution in Rhodesia.

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