Still alive


…and kicking, the complete title of this post should be like that. Has been months since the last time I’ve written a word here and it will take a while to set up a regular rhytm of blogging. What happened in this months? A lot, of course. I have a very busy life and more than my share of things to do everyday. But I will like to share with you a couple of thing that I’m particulary fond of.

First, I’ve had a couple of very interesting MOOC. If you want to know more about it, just follow this link to the related page of this site. Lifelong learning is not an option anymore, it’s something that we should do if we want to stay in touch with the everlasting progress. It’s free, it’s safe, it’s funny, it may connect you with very interesting people. If this isn’t a win-win situation, then I don’t what else I can suggest.

Second, I got the opportunity to finally land on the Amazon market. With no less than three eBooks in a year. For a slow-paced writer like me it’s amazing. I’m doing that as an independent, or if you like a more complex definition, as an author/publisher. I’ve found a group of very talented people to work with, we call ourselves “Moon Base Factory”. For more details, please follow this link to the dedicated page of this site.

You may have also take note of the countdown in the right column. Well, this is about what will happen in 2015, it’s a new project that means a lot for me. “Ghosts Of War” will be a main issue on this blog for the months to come, both for keep you informed about what’s going on and to use it as a key to think about the problems in the world of self publishing, from writing to promoting your works. This project will be also a way to experiment a bit in the social media, so expect to hear some noise about it.

I will go on writing about geopolitics, economy and military as well. It’s my cup of tea and there’s an impressive number of issues to talk about out there. So, keep an eye on this blog – it may bite!

4 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Welcome back, it is nice to see you again.
    I hope that now you write more, however if you want and have the right time for to do it.

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