What I learned in a full year of fitness at home

I’m not a coach, nor I’m a certified fitness expert. Bear this in mind before reading what’s next. These are a handful of thoughts about my personal experience in 2019, no more and no less. The perspective is from a 51-year-old man with more than a scare on my body.

Before setting yourself in the path of physical workout, have a few words with a doctor. No matter how tough you could be, you’re still human.

In your average workday, you can find a 30 minutes window to perform some exercise. Don’t lie to yourself. I’m also sure that you’re giving too much time to matters that aren’t useful and/or do not produce any sort of income for you.

Privilege the correct form of your exercises versus the number of reps. One well-executed movement is much better than ten uncoordinated movements. This will significantly reduce the choice of self-procured damages.

Your efforts will likely be ridiculed by relatives and/or friends. The idea that somebody will try to improve him/herself is disturbing for people that do not share the same commitment. Resist. Some of them will follow your path, sooner or later.

Respect your body, with particular regard for your tendons. Your mind may be stronger than your muscles, any damage done will slow your progress.

Stay with the present, do not compare yourself with your own past. It’s gone, and it will never come back, no matter how good you were at sports twenty or more years ago.

Again, stay with the present. What you will become three or five years from now is just an idea in your mind right now. Challenge yourself, set some goals, but avoid daydreaming at any cost.

Please remember that you’re working for yourself. Better shape and a thinner waist are both keys for better years to come. Any other reason is just b.s.

Change. Do not find a comfortable routine. There are thousands of different ways to work out; all of them will pose new challenges to your body and help to reach your goals.

The most important thing is: study. Do your best to understand the ways your body works, how biochemistry makes things go around, and how to check out your essential functions.

All right, end of the rant. Now, pick up your bones and move out!

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